Thousands of years ago, on the hill of the City of David, next to the Western Wall, at the foot of the walls of Old City, the city of Jerusalem was born. It is the place where about half of the books of the Bible were written and where most of the stories of the biblical Jerusalem took place – the city of David and Solomon.

Today it is possible to visit the ancient sites where the experience of the visit includes exciting content with unique tours to the historical sites, filtering of findings found during excavations, a walk in the ancient tunnel of Jerusalem and a one-of-a-kind night show, projected on the antiquities.

Entrance to the city of David

“Hallelujah to Jerusalem”

The flagship product of the City of David National Park is the “Hallelujah Fire and Water” night show, which tells the story of the resurrection of ancient Jerusalem. The show is projected with groundbreaking technology, the first of its kind in Israel, on top of the City of David’s antiquities – at the very place where history was made. Pyrotechnics combining fire and water effects are used in the show for an utterly breathtaking experience!

In addition to the show, at the entrance to the National Garden, food stalls will be set up in honor of Jerusalem Week, which will serve a variety of quality and tasty dishes, such as focaccia, pizzas, kebabs, asado challah, chips and more (The stalls are separate.). The dishes are kosher, and are offered at affordable prices of between 20 and 45 shekels.

The Jerusalem Week activities will take place at the City of David National Park every evening between the dates May 17, 2023 to May 24, 2023.

The food stalls will be available to visitors starting at 12:00 in the “King’s Garden” at the entrance to the National Park, and the night shows will be screened at 20:15, 21:00 and 21:45.

Free round-trip shuttles will be available to visitors every evening from 19:00, from the parking lot of the first station complex in Jerusalem.

The renewed hallelujah show

Camping in the Peace Forest 

The City of David also offers a perfect camping vacation in the pastoral and peaceful Peace Forest , located right in the center of Jerusalem, within walking distance of the first station complex and the Old City. You can enjoy a camping experience in the Peace Forest  in tents, or sleep in accommodation units.

Camping in the Peace Forest. Photo: Eliyahu Yanai

Not far from The Peace Forest , in the national park surrounding the walls of Jerusalem, is the Farm in the Valley which is a hidden treasure of nature in the heart of the city. The primordial nature of the farm contains seasonal vegetables, fruit trees, fields of wheat and other crops, medicinal plants and herbs.

The farm is working to preserve the ancient agricultural crafts and there are activities available to the general public throughout the year. The farm also has shaded seating areas, and it can be visited independently throughout the week, of course while preserving nature, and avoiding lighting fires and picking without permission.

A picture of the atmosphere of the farm in the ravine

Weekends at the Valley

The farm also opens its doors in the evening, and every Thursday and Saturday night you can enjoy a special atmosphere and exciting musical groups. Further, it will be possible to have an unforgettable musical experience in the Jerusalem countryside during Jerusalem Week. A buffet with light refreshments will be waiting at the farm, so all you have to do is come and enjoy the electrifying atmosphere under the skies.

The performances will take place on Thursdays from 19:30-23:00, and on Saturday evenings from 21:30-23:00.

A performance of Rabivo's project at the farm. Photo: Kobi Harathi

Kabbalat Shabbat at the Farm in the Valley

When the sun begins to set and the entire city is enveloped in a festive and special atmosphere, we will meet at the Farm in the Valley to celebrate Shabbat in a Jerusalem-style atmosphere, to the sounds of traditional and Israeli music that penetrates the mind and soul.

There will be musical performances at the farm including traditional Israeli and Kabbalat Shabbat songs, various stalls with produce for sale, and a buffet with light refreshments. You can participate in self-picking (for a fee) of the abundance of vegetables grown on the farm.

On Fridays, free shuttles will be available to visitors from 12:00, from the parking lot of the station complex to the Farm in the Valley. At the end of the activities, shuttles will be waiting to return to the station complex.

A singer at the farm.Photo: Eliyahu Yanai