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The City of David began its existence in the days of Abraham, as a fortified and impressive Canaanite city, around the famous Gihon spring of ancient Jerusalem. About 3000 years ago, David left his city of Hebron, and went up to Jerusalem in order to unite Israel around one capital city. With the conquest of Jerusalem by the Jebusites, David made it the capital of a prosperous and powerful kingdom. Solomon, his son, built the Temple on the summit of Mount Moriah, the place where Isaac was bound, and thus Jerusalem became a political, religious and spiritual capital for the people of Israel as a whole. Today, it is possible to visit these ancient and impressive sites, in the City of David National Park, which is located on a small and magical hill, next to the Western Wall, south of the Ashpot Gate. The experience of visiting the site includes exciting content, alongside a unique tour of the city of kings and prophets, the place where some of the biblical books were written, and where most of the stories in biblical Jerusalem took place.

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