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The hospitality complexes of the City of David are far beyond any other place. The place where Jerusalem was born and where chapters of the Bible and the Book of Psalms were written, is the best setting for your event: Genesis landscapes, a connection to the roots, and historical and heritage values ​​in every corner. In the City of David complexes you will get a perfect solution for any event you want to do: small and large events, in summer or winter, plus tours and special experiences. We are here to make dreams come true.


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Hospitality Complexes

House in the Valley

Come celebrate your special day at the House in the Valley: A beautiful and ancient structure overlooking the scenic walls of the Old City.

The King’s Garden

"The 'King's Garden' complex is located at the entrance to the City of David National Park, offering a magical outdoor venue for hosting guests in...

The Farm in the Valley

Our ancient agricultural farm is a rural venue which preserves nature in all its glory. The Farm offers a unique hospitality experience in nature. The...

Kidron Hospitality Tent

A short distance from the Western Wall and the Dung Gate, in the Kidron River Channel which runs between the City of David and the...

Aderet House

A unique compound in the heart of the City of David, which offers a boutique venue for family celebrations and an array of workshops for...

The King’s Courtyard

"The King's Courtyard" – The City of David National Park's culinary venue offers a quality, kosher, and tasty meal within a short walking distance from...


We want to thank you for the lovely event we had at the City of David, thanks to you. Without exception, all of the guests were moved and enjoyed the hospitality, the tour with the fascinating guides, Gabriel’s food and all aspects of the service and the general atmosphere at the site and specifically at our event. The employees were all kind, hard- working, pleasant and enchanting. We would like to specifically mention the lovely Tali, the sales manager, who communicated with us all throughout the process and made sure everything was perfectly coordinated, all the details were closed before the event and everything was to our liking. Everything was done pleasantly, politely, professionally and seriously. Thank you as well to Gilad the champion, the director of operations, who made sure everything was executed perfectly at the event, and that any questions or requests were properly answered and perfectly dealt with. From the smallest details, to helping with our car during the most stressful moments, handling our videos and slideshows - with the professional and fast technical help of Miriam and Noam who stepped in to help - and Gilad who was there to help with anything we needed at the right time and place. Thank you as well to Miro and the musicians for the groovy and graceful push in leading the procession, with lots of energy and a big smile, and of course to Shahar who was in touch with us at the beginning of the process. Thanks to you and the whole staff, for everything. We had fun, and were so moved and happy to celebrate our eldest son's Bar Mitzvah at the City of David with the professional and magical staff. I’m sure David is proud watching over the team that is looking after his city. We look forward to seeing you on happy occasions. Roni and Gil Sassover (and our son Guy, the guest of honor, who supports every word written above).

We wanted to celebrate a meaningful Bar Mitzvah event, and that’s exactly what we found at the City of David. It was an especially powerful experience, for us and the guests. Starting with the planning and and all through the event, we received a listening ear and assistance with anything we asked for. Thanks to the great and experienced team, the event was impressive, exciting and very meaningful to us and our guests. The place itself is very unique, which magnified the event's success and contributed to the experience and enjoyment of our guests. An incredible place, excellent service before and during the event, beginning with the cleanliness and hospitality from everyone we met, taking care of all the small and large details, all the way to the different suppliers that were carefully selected by the City of David. To sum it up, it is a unique and gorgeous place, with very helpful and super professional suppliers. Most importantly, the experience the Bar Mitzvah boy had cannot be put into words. Thank you for a very unique and unforgettable event, we highly recommend you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you to the City of David team. You arranged an incredible event for us, a perfect experience to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah in the magical atmosphere of ancient Jerusalem. The production team was professional and very pleasant and cooperative. It was lovely!

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