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General Information and Reservations

To book tours for organized groups, contact Mayan at :077-9966728.

For detailed information about group activities, click here.

To book educational activities, contact us at 077-9966729. For details about activities for schools, click here.

Hallelujah Night Show- One may cancel a reservation at no cost until 3:00 PM the day before.

Tours and private activities- One may cancel up until the day before.

Group reservations- Cancellations up to 3 business days before.

Cancellation of an air-conditioned unit- up to 7 business days prior to arrival.

Cancellation of sleeping on the campgrounds- up to 3 business days prior to arrival.

We have a souvenir shop available at the City of David National Park, where you can find a variety of unique jewelry whose design was inspired by archaeological findings.

The City of David souvenir shop is open Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Fridays from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

One can also make online purchases on the shop’s website.

There are facilities and bathrooms with wheelchair access in the City of David National Park.  The facilities are thoroughly cleaned every half hour.

There is an ATM machine in the City of David National Park that accepts all major credit cards.

There is free Wi-Fi on the grounds of the City of David Reservation Center.

There are lockers in the City of David that one may rent.

Unfortunately, due to the archaeological nature of the site, the park is not accessible and is not suitable for individuals with mobility limitations.

One may arrange light refreshments which include coffee, pastries, fruit, and more.

Public transportation to the City of David

Line 1- Central Bus Station to the Western Wall

Line 3- Central Bus Station to the Western Wall

Line 38- The Jewish Quarter (takes a circular route that goes by the Western Wall)

Line 2- From Kikar Tzahal/ Yitzchak Kariv Street (Superbus company bus that takes a circular route)


Cabs are allowed entry through the Jaffa Gate at any time.

Private vehicles

Please note that it is difficult to find parking near the Western Wall and the City of David. We recommend parking in nearby parking lots and walking to the site.

  1. The Karta and Mamilla parking lots (paid parking): Navigate with Waze. Walking distance to the City of David is approximately 20 minutes. A cab is recommended.
  2. Mount Zion/ David’s Tomb parking lot (paid parking): Navigate with Waze. Walking distance to the City of David is approximately 9 minutes. Please note that parking spots are extremely limited.

On Foot

Coming from the Western Wall, turn left at the Dung Gate and then turn right. It is a 2-minute walk to the City of David. Navigate using Google Maps.

The site complies with the most stringent quality standard mark, ISO 9001.

Entry to the City of David National Park with a Matmon membership is free and includes access to the Siloam Tunnel and a self-guided tour of the site. A valid Matmon membership must be presented at the entrance to the site.

To secure your spot in advance, book a ticket on the website for a fee of 0 NIS.

The Western Wall and City of David area have very limited parking options. Therefore it is not recommended to come in a private vehicle.


Search on Waze “Peace Forest Camping”.

Public Transportation

Bus lines to Hebron Road: 71, 72, 74, 75, 8

Bus stops: Hebron Road Ha’maabada/ Hebron Road Chanoch Albeck

Enter Naomi Street where immediately you will see a fork in the road with clear signs for “Peace Forest” and “Segway Tours”. Walk down to the right, passing by Yes Planet to Derech G’dud 68 Street. Continue walking 200 meters, until you see another sign on your left for “Segway Tours”. Turn left down the pathway to the parking lot. At the opposite end of the parking lot is a green fence with a sign “Welcome to the Peace Forest”, which is the entrance to the site.

Areas for setting up tents, a shared field kitchen, ninja facilities for children and youth, an area to set up barbeques, electrical outlets, a mobile charging station, showers, and restrooms.

One may bring a tent from home, rent a tent, make use of a group tent, or rent a private unit.

The smaller units have 3 beds. The larger units have up to 8 beds.

Private bathroom and shower, complete set of bedding, an air-conditioning/heating unit, and an electric kettle. The 7-person units also have a kitchenette with a refrigerator.

The camping grounds are only a short walk away from the First Station and Yes Planet. The Old City and the Western Wall are nearby as well.

Yes, the campgrounds are surrounded by a fence and have security.

Yes, one can rent a mattress for 15 nis per mattress per night.

There is ample parking at the entrance to the campgrounds.

No, one may not add an additional mattress.

On our website, or by calling the City of David Reservations Center *6033.

One may add a crib in place of a bed/mattress. Based on availability and space.

Up to 20 people can sleep in the tent.

The grounds are suitable for Shabbat-observant individuals.

The parking lot is open to the general public and cars are allowed continued access. Lighting a fire is permitted in designated locations at the site.

However, Shabbat-observant individuals will have all they need to sleep in the great outdoors while keeping Shabbat. The area’s “eiruv” is authorized as kosher by a Rabbi, there is a designated place for prayers with a Sefer Torah, Shabbat urns and a hot plate, and a place to light Shabbat candles.

Guests are responsible for bringing wine/grape juice for Kiddush, Shabbat candles, and similar.

Late checkout is available after Shabbat at no added cost.

Check-in: Sunday to Thursday,  between 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM, and Friday at 1:00 PM

Check-out: Sunday to Thursday at 11:00 AM, and Motzei Shabbat (Post-Shabbat)- up to an hour after Shabbat is over.

Dogs are not permitted on the campgrounds.

The tent can fit up to 30 people.

Yes, one can rent a tent and mattress for 80 NIS per adult and 65 NIS per child. The tents fit up to 4 people.

One may reserve, in advance, an accessible spot for a tent by calling *6033.

Tours & Attractions

The City of David runs a free shuttle service from the First Station area to the City of David National Park. The shuttles have the Hallelujah logo on it.  It is a short and safe ride.

To reach the shuttles, search “First Station Parking Lot” in Waze.

When you reach the parking lot, click to navigate on foot to the pickup point- https://goo.gl/CygFKD

Private Vehicles

Search in Waze, “Emek Tzurim National Park”. Ample free parking is available at the entrance to the site.

Additional parking is located at 10 Hadassah Lempel Street (Beit Orot parking lot). Park at the entrance to the parking lot and walk down the stairs located on the right side, about 10 minutes. Signs will direct you to Emek Tzurim.

Public Transportation to the Emek Tzurim National Park

Bus lines: 48, 48א- Beit Orot parking lot

Bus stop: Beit Orot parking lot

The buses reach the Beit Orot parking lot. From there, signage will direct you to the Emek Tzurim National Park.

Please note: Access to the park requires descending a long staircase and is not suitable for strollers.

The site is not suitable for the use of strollers. Please note, there is no place to keep strollers while one visits the site.

The City of David has security, and we work in full cooperation with security forces.

Riding a Segway is allowed for those 16 years old and above, with a weight range of 45-115kg.

One may enter with a front-facing baby carrier only.

Yes. The show is recommended for ages 5 and up.

There is simultaneous translation available into English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Russian using headphones.

The site has a snack shop with food and drinks.

Up to 70cm/ 27.5 inches.

Entrance is free (without activities)

Sunday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm

Saturday, between 8:30am and 5:00pm

Guided activities are available for groups via prior arrangement. Call *6033 or in this form.

Events in the City of David

The City of David invites you to celebrate your special event at the House in the Valley complex, beneath the stars, facing a breathtaking view of the Old City walls. The House in the Valley is a beautiful stone structure nestled in nature, offering the perfect atmosphere for a spectacular celebration. The venue is suitable for small events such as boutique weddings, brit milah ceremonies, anniversary parties, and more.

The City of David National Park is just a few steps away from the Western Wall.

The park offers an unforgettable Jerusalem Bar Mitzvah experience:

A festive procession accompanied by musicians and balloons from the Western Wall to the City of David.

Refreshments and drinks.

A tour of the breathtaking discoveries at the site where Jerusalem was born. The Bar- Mitzvah child can take part in the guiding.

And, of course, a festive meal in the King’s Garden.

We can also add other elements: a nighttime Hallelujah tour, private transportation, table decorations, and more.

We would be happy to customize a menu for you according to your preferred kosher certification: ranging from Rabbinic supervision to strict kosher certification, tailored specifically to you.

Our guest venues are beautifully decorated and maintained with natural greenery. There is an option to upgrade the table design.

For information on all our facilities

There are a few venues to choose from, and they can host from 20-150 guests.

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