Terms and conditions for use of City of David website:

The terms and conditions below are a contract between the user and the Ir David Foundation (Amutat Elad – registered amuta 580108660) and/or Hamaayan Properties Initiatives and Tourism (private company 512194784) and/or Amutat Soba Jerusalem (registered amuta 580414696) and/or Megalim Institute, and/or the Center for the Study of Ancient Jerusalem (hereinafter: The City of David), of Derech Hevron 183, Jerusalem.

Anything stated in this document in the masculine also means in the feminine, and what is stated in the singular also means in the plural, and vice versa, and everything is according to the context.

Services and website

  1. The term “services” means all – including any part – of the pages and/or software and/or applications listed below provided by the City of David and/or on its behalf, directly and/or indirectly, as well as any additional service provided through the website.
  2. The term “website” means cityofdavid.org.il and/or www.megalim.org.il and/or www.mountofolives.co.il.
  3. The term “content” or “contents” means any information of any kind and type, including verbal, audio, visual, audio-visual content and/or any combination thereof in any manner of distribution, presentation, design, editing and processing, including (but not limited to) any photograph, image, animation, illustration, figure, diagram, simulation, sample, sound file, video, file, computer code, software, protocol, application, sign, symbol, database, character and icon.
  4. The services:
  1. The use of the website and of the services, paid and/or free of charge, are exclusively for private, personal, non-commercial and/or non-public use.


  1. As a rule, services will be provided free of charge, unless otherwise stipulated.
    In the case where payment is requested for services, you shall be informed of this in advance. The amount shall by set in advance by the City of David but will be subject to change.
    The charge will be for private, personal, non-commercial and/or non-public use.
    The charge and/or the manner of payment and/or the method of payment shall be set in accordance with the type of service obtained.
    In the case of an ongoing transaction and/or payments you shall authorize the payment through a chosen payment method.
    It is clarified that the services constitute lost goods and/or intellectual property, and it will not be possible to receive a refund and/or credit, unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement and/or by law.

 User declarations and obligations

  1. By browsing the website, as a condition for receiving the services, you declare and undertake as follows:

Copyright and intellectual property

  1. The copyrights and intellectual property, of and in the contents, design, software, applications, trademarks, models, computer code, contract files, texts, sound files, graphic files and any other material contained on the website belong to the City of David only and/or to a third party’ who has permitted the City of David to use them.
  2. It is prohibited to distribute, copy, display in public, transfer to the public, process, rent, sell the website and/or the service, in whole or in part, either directly or indirectly, by any means whatsoever and/or in any media whatsoever, including, among other things, electronic means, photography, recording, mechanical means, or in any other way without the City of David’s prior written consent.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, the City of David is not responsible in any way for the infringement of any copyright and/or intellectual property.

User content policy

  1. The website may choose to allow users to upload their own content.In such an event, the content provided by users must comply with the following rules and policies:
  1. It is clarified that the violation of the above rules and policies constitutes a violation of the contract between the user and the City of David, and may result in the removal of the content unilaterally and without prior notice and/or the initiation of legal proceedings against the violator and/or anyone acting on his behalf and the right to indemnification and/or compensation to the City of Davidand/or to a third party, and this without prejudice to any additional and/or other legal action and/or remedy available to the City of David and/or a third party against the violator and/or anyone acting on his behalf.
  2. By uploading user content, you undertake to indemnify the City of David for any damage, loss, expense and/or cost, of any kind, direct and/or indirect, monetary and/or non-monetary.
  3. Despite the aforementioned, it is clarified that the City of David cannot filter user content and has no obligation to do so.
  4. You are requested to inform the City of David of any exception and/or deviation from the rules of the user content policy and/or any concern about their violation, in order to help the City of David prevent harm of any kind to you and/or any third party.

Complaints as mentioned can be submitted to the address: [email protected]. The complaint must be detailed and explain and indicate the exact exception and/or deviation from the policy rules and/or the grounds for concern about their violation. Any complaint submitted will be handled accordingly.


  1. The City of David does not undertake or guarantee the quality of the services provided on the website, and they are provided as is at the time of delivery.
  2. The City of David does not and will not bear any liability and/or responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential, bodily harm or special damages, to the user and/or to any third party as a result of the provision of the services or failure to provide them, including in any case of wrongdoing,negligence, criminal negligence, malice or in any other case, the City of David will not bear any liability and/or responsibility for any damage or loss to property, including damage to intellectual property, loss of profits, damage to reputation, or anything arising from and/or related to the use of the services or the lack of use thereof, at the time of their delivery and/or afterwards.

Changes to site and/or services and/or their delivery

  1. The City of David reserves the right to change and/or amend, from time to time, the terms of service, with prior notice and/or without additional notice to that provided in this section, and the user has the right to terminate the contract with City of David at any time.
  2. The City of David reserves the right to cease the provision of service and/or activity of the website and/or any part thereof, for any reason, and at any time, for all users and/or some of them and/or one of them, including, due to lack of use and/or violation of the terms of use and/or activity that contradicts the goals of the City of David with prior notice and/or without additional notice to that provided in this section, and the user has the right to terminate the engagement with the City of David at any time, except for payment to which he is obligated in connection with a service he has purchased.


  1. The law applicable to this agreement is Israeli law only, and the jurisdiction in connection with any dispute in connection with it and/or the services provided under it is exclusively the competent courts in the district of Jerusalem, Israel.

City of David Website Privacy Policy

The privacy policy and rules listed below apply to the City of David websites and the services provided therein by the City of David, all as intended and specified, subject to the “Terms and conditions for use of City of David websites” agreement.

Registration for services

  1. Some of the services provided require prior registration.As part of this, the user is required to provide personal information as is customary, for example: first name, last name, address, phone number, mobile phone number, email address, etc. (hereinafter: “personal details”).
  2. It is clarified that the user is free to not provide some or all of these details, but it is possible that this will prevent the user from accessing some or all of the services.

Use of information

  1. During use of the site, the City of David may accumulate and store information about websites from which users entered the website, users’ internet behavior, publications, articles, pages, information, and advertisements viewed, services purchased, information and services that interested the user, location of the computer through which the user accessed the website and more (hereinafter: “information”).
  2. The information accumulated and stored will be maintained in the City of David databases. Use of the information and other details provided by the user will be done in accordance with the law.
  3. The City of David will not disclose users’ personal details to advertisers, but it may send users advertising and/or marketing information published by it and/or a third party by email. Direct mail and such advertisements will be sent in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Transmission of information to a third party

  1. The City of David will use personal details and information to contact the user and/or to analyze and provide information to a third party, including advertisers.Personal details will not be disclosed to advertisers.
  2. Personal details will be disclosed in cases where there is concern that the user has violated the terms of use and/or the privacy policy and/or acted or attempted to act unlawfully.
  3. Details and information will also be disclosed in the event that the City of David receives a court order instructing it to provide information about the user.
  4. Information and personal details may be used, and disclosed to a third party, in any dispute, of any kind, including a legal proceeding and/or a financial and/or other demand, that may arise between the user and the City of David and/or in order to prevent damage to the user and/orto a third party and/or to the City of David.
  5. In the event that the City of David partners with a third party in their content activities or in joint activities, and/or purchases products and services from a third party, the information necessary and useful for completing the purchase process, managing the content activity, and maintaining contact with the user/client will be transmitted to the aforementioned partners.


  1. For ongoing operation and efficiency, the site uses cookies, including to secure information, verify details, customize the site to the user, adjust advertising, and collect statistical data about site use.”Cookies” store a great deal of varied information, such as how the user entered the website, pages viewed on the website, time spent on the website and more.Sometimes cookies make it unnecessary to type in a name and password and personal details.
  2. Users who do not want cookies can prevent them by changing their browser settings. Blocking cookies may harm the provision of services to the user.


  1. The City of David reserves the right to allow a third party to manage the advertising on the website, and for this purpose “cookies” may be placed on the user’s computer or on the website in order to help collect information about viewing and use of the website.Such use of the information will be subject to the third party’s policies.Users interested in this should check the third-party policy with the third-party.

Data collection for statistical purposes

  1. The City of David may use companies that provide statistical analyzes about website use.For the purpose of collecting the information, the City of David will use “network equations” that assist with measuring the popularity of services and content on the site, users’ activity patterns, and more.

Information security

  1. The City of David works hard to ensure that the information in its possession is stored safely but cannot guarantee that the services on the website are completely resistant to unauthorized access to information stored in them.

Changes to this policy

  1. The City of David may change the provisions of the privacy policy at any time.
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