Mount of Olives

Here you can find the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, also known as the “City of the Dead,” located near Jerusalem, the “City of Life.” This is the location where the prominent leaders of the Jewish people are buried for generations.

The location of the mountain and its composition (soft limestone relatively easy to dig up) made it an ideal burial location, but less suitable for building structures. The tradition of burial, which began in the days of the First Temple, continues to this day.

You can hear from our guides the fascinating and important stories of thousands of well-known people and revered Rabbis buried on the Mount of Olives.

Despite being researched for many years, the Mount of Olives still holds new stories that are revealed over time, and with new discoveries, ancient mysteries are solved and more of the long history of the Jewish tradition is revealed to us.


The Burial Mapping System at the Cemetery

Over 70,000 names have been already added to the system which is constantly being updated by professionals who are hard at work mapping the graves.

The system allows users to locate the deceased and view the burial place using aerial photography and close-up shots of the grave. One may also add information they have about the deceased.  The system also offers directions and parking options near the grave and provides tour routes in the burial area.

There are many moving stories of people who have rediscovered their dear ones’ graves following the intensive mapping work conducted over the last three years.

The Mount of Olives website provides an online platform for people to easily search and access information. This makes the life stories of these individuals more accessible and not limited to what is written on their gravestones.

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Website for the Mount of Olives Center >>

The Center’s phone number: 02-6275050

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Essential Information

Private Vehicles

Organized parking is available by the Information Center at Derech Yericho 5, Jerusalem

Search in Waze, “Mount of Olives Information Center”

To navigate with Waze

Public Transportation

Bus lines to the Mount of Olives Information Center: 51, 83.  Get off at the first stop on Derech Yericho.

One may take the 84 bus from Ammunition Hill, adjacent to the Light Rail, to Maaleh Har Hazeitim by the entrance to the Seven Arches Hotel.

Another option is bus line 1 and 3 in the direction of the Western Wall and get off three stops before the Western Wall stop at the Derech Yericho/Ha’Ofel stop. From there, walk toward the traffic light, cross the street, and walk to the cemetery which is after the large church. To the right, there is an Israeli flag and a large sign pointing to the Information Center.

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The tours are intended for organized groups only.

It is necessary to coordinate the tour with the reservation center *6033 at least eight working days in advance.

Sunday to Thursday between 9:00am and 5:00pm

The Information Center is closed on Fridays and holiday evenings.

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