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The City of David invites you to celebrate your special event in the Beit Bagai complex. With a breathtaking view of the wall of the old city, Beit Bagai is a beautiful stone building located in the quiet heart of nature and offers the perfect atmosphere for genuine and special joy. The complex is suited for small events such as boutique weddings, Brit Milahs, wedding anniversaries, and more.

Beit Bagai

Beit Bagai

Beit Bagai

Beit Bagai

Beit Bagai

Beit Bagai

Celebrating in Beit Bagai


Projector and sound equipment for greetings and best wishes


Extras to Enhance Your Experience

Table and Event Planning

Table centerpiece design, atmosphere and decoration, souvenirs, flower arranging station, and other customized design packages.

A Unique Musical Ensemble

Several musicians are available with a wide variety of genres and instruments.

Optional Workshops

Drum circle, fire show, cooking and baking workshops, agricultural workshops, and a variety of other options.

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