Technology has been accompanying the human journey in research of the past for years, and has frequently helped solve archaeological mysteries through dating, analysis of chemicals in findings and much more.

But slowly, a new connection has been forming between the two and that may make your next visit to Jerusalem an exciting and powerful experience.

The City of David National Park is a focal point for pilgrimages and a must-see site for anyone visiting Jerusalem. The unique artifacts found at the City of David excavations, and the various tourist sites where guests can visit and vacation, showcase to visitors the ancient picture of the long history connecting the story of Jerusalem’s residents in the days of David and Solomon’s kingdoms to our days – and to local residents and visitors to Israel.

Advanced technology is often used to explain the various stories and facts to the audience. These technologies help illustrate the stories, simplify the complexities and enrich visitors’ experiences.

Recently, two new shows that use advanced technology were launched simultaneously: Hallelujah Fire and Water – the City of David’s night show lights up again, and the Spring Fortress exhibit.

The Hallelujah night show has been using breakthrough technology known as “video mapping”, since its launch in 2017. Video mapping is a technology that uses a number of powerful projectors, projecting on a still object (in this case – the City of David ruins), at the exact same time and with accuracy to the millimeter from a few different angles, in a way that creates a spectacular 3D illusion that does not require 3D glasses or heavy equipment.

Four years later, in the summer of 2022, the City of David launched a new addition to the show – a combination of unique pyrotechnics: fire jets and water fountains that emerge from the ruins and come together into a breathtaking dramatic effect. At the same time, an additional unique exhibit telling the fascinating story of tunnel mining was built on the path that leads to the famous Siloam Tunnel, with a fictionalized historical story that uses a number of different technologies to enhance the experience.

The Spring Exhibit is shown to visitors in a special space where the walls are covered in mirrors. The exhibit is shown from several projectors that showcase different parts of the picture, in perfect coordination, creating a unique experience that makes viewers feel like they are part of the video. The combination of large mirrors that cover the walls of the space and the projection on a central screen allows viewers to look around during the show and appreciate the different scene changes according to the storyline.

High quality sound is played from a number of speakers hidden in the walls, located to create a feeling of sound wrapping the viewer from all angles.


In the process of video production, 2D and 3D animations were combined. All details in the video are archaeologically accurate based on the findings, down to the detailed engraving on the pitcher handles. The Spring Exhibit is a part of the Biblical City of David guided tour.


You are welcome to come to the City of David and discover the mystery and drama of ancient Jerusalem through the most advanced technology.