One of the most prominent tourist projects in Israel – the suspension bridge in Jerusalem – has officially opened to the public, after several months of intensive construction.

The suspension bridge built in Jerusalem stretches to a length of no less than 202 meters, thereby breaking the previous Israeli record of 80 meters for the suspension bridge in Nahal HaBesor. Another 70-meter suspension bridge is located in the town of Nesher.

The new bridge, located in the Jerusalem Walls National Park, connects between the slopes of the Hinnom Valley and Mount Zion. It is near the Agricultural Farm in the Hinnom Valley, which conducts ancient agricultural activities such as olive pressing and wine preparation. It is also close to the City of David National Park, the Jerusalem Food Truck Festival which is open until the end of August, the First Station Complex and the Sultan’s Pool. The bridge is set to become a popular tourist attraction in the Capital.

Please note: the bridge is temporarily closed to visitors

Arrival instructions:

It is recommended to walk from the First Station Complex to the farm in the Hinnom Valley, and from there the staff will direct you to the entrance to the bridge. After operating hours, you can visit independently.

The unique project and the first of its kind in Israel was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage, Meir Porush, the Director-General of the Ministry of Tourism, Danny Shachar, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, and the Director-General of the City of David, Davidl’e Be’eri.

The project was funded by the Office of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Jerusalem Municipality, and was executed by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation.

The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage, Meir Porush, said: “The new suspension bridge provides a unique tourist experience, offering panoramic views of different parts of the city. This is another project, one of many, that we are leading, together with partners, to encourage tourists from all over the world to come to Jerusalem”.

The Minister of Tourism, Haim Katz, said: “We have built the bridge with its breathtaking views to enhance the tourist experience in the area for the benefit of Israeli citizens and visitors from overseas.   Summer vacation is an excellent opportunity for Israeli families to come and experience the unique attributes of this place. We will continue to invest in promoting Jerusalem as a leading tourist destination. Have fun!”

Jerusalem Mayor, Moshe Lion, said: “The suspension bridge is a great addition to tourism in the city. Jerusalem, as the leading city in Israel, continuously enhances its tourist sites and invests millions in developing both domestic and international tourism in the city. I invite everyone to come and visit Jerusalem.”

Oriya Dasberg, Vice President of Development and Marketing for the City of David explains: “The Farm in the Valley is a magical place in the heart of Jerusalem. People can come here to have a picnic, children can try out stone masonry, pick olives and produce oil, build terraces, and wade in the water that flows here between the plots. Entrance is free and the site is open to the public.

“Once upon a time, the name of the Ben Hinnom Valley was synonymous with hell (Gehenna). Today we find here lovely corners for tourism. I have no doubt that the bridge will be attractive to all, young and old. It is suitable for everyone”, she adds.