What do the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Empire State Building in New York and the City of David have in common?

All the sites were painted blue and white – the colors of the Israeli flag – as a sign of identification with the State of Israel.

Hundreds of other sites around the world were also lit up in these colors.

In the City of David National Park, the Israeli flag was projected onto a 2,600-year-old antiquities, in the exact place where Jerusalem’s ruling was located.The Israeli flag is projected onto the ancient walls in the City of David.

In the same excavation area, remnants of the destruction inflicted by the Babylonians on Jerusalem in the days of the First Temple were also discovered. However, the most exciting discovery in these excavations, is a section of the city wall built by Nehemiah, one of the leaders of the Jews during the Second Temple period, upon his return to Israel from exile.

The same stones that symbolized the destruction of the city in the days of the First Temple were used to build the new wall in the days of the Second Temple, and on those exact stones today, the flag of the State of Israel is projected.

The longest suspension bridge in Israel, which stretches over the Valley of Hinnom in Jerusalem, was also lit up in Blue and White colors in order to convey the message: We strengthen the soldiers and the entire people of Israel –  Blue and White are our colors!

Am Yisroel Chai!