In the heart of the Emek Tzurim National Park, surrounded by olive trees and a Mediterranean forest, is a unique place where a fascinating and exciting activity takes place – the Archaeological Experience from the City of David.

The Archaeological Experience is a fun experience where visitors participate in the sifting work and feel like “archaeologists for a day”. The activity is suitable for all ages, and many visitors have discovered treasures from the past.

In an interview with Channel 14, Reut Ohayon, the education coordinator for the City of David, spoke about the Archaeological Experience and presented some of the fascinating finds that have been discovered there.

Throughout the year, the Antiquities Authority conducts archaeological excavations in the City of David. The debris removed from the excavations is transported to Emek Tzurim, where it is filtered to find valuable archaeological discoveries. Rare and interesting archaeological finds have been discovered over the years at the Archaeological Experience, dating to different periods in the history of Jerusalem.

Among the findings, a rare Egyptian charm over 3,200 years old, decorated tiles from the courtyard of the Second Temple, an ancient gold bead made with a delicate and complex technique and many more items have been discovered. A fascinating find that made headlines in the last year, also discovered in the Emek Tzurim, is a rare collection of ivory plaques that were used to decorate the furniture of the wealthy people of Jerusalem during the First Temple period. This is one of the only collections discovered in the world and the first of its kind in Jerusalem.

Evidence of destruction

Various finds discovered at the Archeological Experience are evidence of the last moments of the city, on the eve of the two periods of destruction. Among other items, rare silver coins from the time of the Great Rebellion against the Romans, arrowheads, oil candles and more were discovered that tell us about the struggles and battles that took place and the attempts to hide and survive.

An experience for everyone

The activity at Emek Tzurim National Park is suitable for all ages and we also have good news regarding accessibility. The park was awarded an accessibility certificate, and it offers its visitors parking, toilets and accessible public reception, along with full accessibility in the activity itself: accessible chairs in the classrooms and wheelchair accessible sifting stations.

So if you are interested in connecting to the history of Jerusalem, and participating in a valuable activity for the whole family – the archaeological experience in the Zurim Valley is exactly the right place!