These days, every step we take is immediately documented on social media. Visiting a special place with a breathtaking view practically requires you to post a series of stories – who wouldn’t want to post the picture everyone will be talking about? Just for you, we’ve collected a list of amazing must-visit locations in Jerusalem to snap the perfect picture (other than the Western Wall of course…).

I love JLM

Like every self-respecting city, Jerusalem too has a dedicated corner for souvenir picture taking, except in Jerusalem everything is more special. Where else in the world could you take a picture with the words “I love” and meaningful ancient walls in the background? Only at the IDF square in our capital city.

מיצג I love JLM

The windmill and Mishkenot Sha’ananim

Stone houses and ancient paths, an abundance of plants, and an iconic structure with historic value – all of these come together in the first neighborhood built outside of the Old City walls, and create the perfect location for any kind of photos (it’s not a coincidence that so many couples come there for wedding photos…). Strolling around this area will remind you of typical European village scenery, perhaps inspired by the neighborhood’s founder, the philanthropist Moses Montefiore, who was born in Italy and lived in England.

טחנת הרוח במשכנות שאננים

The hanging bridge

Not far away from there, across the Valley of Hinnom, the longest hanging bridge in the country was recently built, and is expected to be open to the public soon. What should you expect to see there? A spectacular bird’s eye view, near the walls of Jerusalem, with a view of a few famous buildings in Jerusalem (the windmill, the King David hotel) – simply perfect for posting to your story!

After walking across the hanging bridge you can go down to The Farm in the Valley – a farm that preserves ancient crafts, such as grape treading and olive oil pressing. At the farm you can enjoy shady seating areas in the magic of nature, and get a few more great photos.

The works for the construction of the suspension bridge

Ein Karem neighborhood

We’ve already mentioned the feeling of Europe, so here’s another place in Jerusalem to give you that different feeling. Ancient picturesque alleyways, historic buildings covered in green, a hidden waterfall and rustic style restaurants – what more could you possibly need? As well as an enjoyable visit, your photos will get plenty of comments and likes.

שכונת עין כרם

Photo (from Wikipedia): Hagai Agmon-Snir CC BY-SA 4.0

Siloam Tunnel

Speaking of springs, here’s another cool place where you should use your camera. The ancient Siloam Tunnel in the City of David streams water from the Gihon spring underground for hundreds of meters, and provides an unusual experience. Walking through the underground water will leave you with unique photos. (you can purchase entrance tickets for the tunnel here).

ניקבת השילוח

The umbrella display in Nahalat Shiva

Don’t want to get wet? You can just grab an umbrella. A cool exhibit of about one thousand colorful umbrellas hanging above the street awaits you at the Nahalat Shiva pedestrian mall. All you need to do is lift up your head and phone and catch a few perfect frames.

מיצג המטריות בנחלת שבעה

Machaneh Yehudah Market

A celebration of colors and human moments is exactly what will greet you, from the moment you enter the mythic market until you leave. Other than it being a must-see spot for any visit in Jerusalem, you might get lucky and catch an unforgettable photo.

שוק מחנה יהודה

Armon HaNatziv promenade

Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains, and here you have a fantastic view of the Old City from above. The Armon HaNatziv promenade is located on a tall mountain ridge that overlooks the Dome of the Rock, and provides a phenomenal panoramic view where old and new merge harmoniously. There’s no doubt that this is the perfect place for a selfie with a background of the Old City.

התצפית מטיילת ארמון הנציב

Absalom’s tomb

The ancient buildings, carved in rock and known as the “Petra of Jerusalem” will provide you with great photos. You can play a guessing game of “where am I?” with your friends. We’ll see if they can guess that the photos were taken here in Jerusalem, not far from the Western Wall and the City of David.

After taking photos, you can take a coffee or tea break in a special hospitality tent right next door, and commemorate another highlight of the trip. Definitely worth stopping by.

יד אבשלום

The Biblical Zoo

There are so many must-visit historical sites in Jerusalem. But this modern place has also become a symbol of the city. A visit to the Biblical Zoo will not only complete your Jerusalem experience, but it will also leave you with many memorable photos. The unique and diverse animals and the abundance of spectacular colors will inspire you, and enhance your profile at the end of your visit. We’re guessing that Akiva Shtisel (Michael Aloni) would tell you the same thing.

גן החיות התנ"כי

No matter what angle you’re looking at it from, there’s always something interesting happening in Jerusalem, and every visit to the capital tells its own story. But there are a few places in the city that tell the best story, using photos of course, because a good picture is worth more than a thousand words. Follow these recommendations and next time you’ll know exactly where to go and what you shouldn’t miss.