Spring is here – Passover is coming! Winter is over, the sun is out and the most springtime holiday of the year has arrived! It’s time to take your family, friends and especially yourself, and go on a walk in the most beautiful city in the world.

So what should you do in Jerusalem over Passover? We’ve put together a list of recommendations for you:

Flower blossom walks

Nature is blooming in all its power, and the blossoms delight the eyes and open the heart. Where can you see the flower blossoms in Jerusalem?

The Farm in the Valley

The Farm in the Valley, inside the Jerusalem Walls National Park, is a real natural treasure. The farm recreates seasonal ancient agricultural crafts, and you can usually find seasonal vegetables, fruit trees, wheat fields and other crops, medicinal plants and herbs here.

This Passover, come celebrate at the Farm in the Valley with a variety of activities for the whole family, guided tours, ancient craft workshops, plays for children and more.

Join the festivities at the Farm in the Valley


Children at the farm

Tour the birthplace of Jerusalem

When have you had the chance to see an ancient city – from really close up?

The City of David National Park offers exactly those tours, to the shafts and tunnels that were part of the city of Jerusalem thousands of years ago. During the tour, you will enjoy a real historical wonder: a lantern-lit walk in the heart of the earth, to the waters of the Siloam Tunnel, the pulsating spring of ancient Jerusalem, which is also a bonus on hot days – refreshing yourself in the water in the middle of Jerusalem!

A must-see attraction for anyone visiting Jerusalem! Waiting to see you!

Girls on the "Western Wall Cornerstone" tour in the city of David

More cute corners around the city

The Kidron Valley – In the Kidron channel at the bottom of the City of David, against the background of the Old City walls, you can enjoy, in addition to the enchanting view, flower blossoming at its peak. And if you want to refresh yourself – our accommodation tent with comfortable seating areas and a cup of coffee and tea of ​​your choice free of charge.

Givat Hatanach – Givat Hatanach, within walking distance of the first station, offers heartwarming seasonal flower blossoms to visitors.

The Valley of the Cross – Emek HaMatzlevah – In The Valley of the Cross you can enjoy hiking paths for the whole family and impressive flower blossoms, and even one ancient monastery.

The Mitzpetel – the Mitzpetel is an urban nature site in the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood, that thanks to its beautiful flower blossoms has become a communal gathering spot. From April 6 – 8 the “Purple at the Castle” festival offers tours and workshops in addition to the impressive lupine blossoms.

In honor of nature’s renewal, we also found a free google app – Google Lens – that can identify flowers and plants through your smartphone.

Nature accommodations at the green Peace Forest

Passover is the perfect holiday for camping! The weather is nice, the sun is shining and everyone is going outside after winter.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to go north for the experience – the Peace Forest Campsite is in the heart of Jerusalem!

Near the First Station and Planet, in the heart of the magical Peace Forest, there is a well-equipped and well-maintained campsite that offers a unique experience – the opportunity to sleep in nature, enjoy Segway tours, a mobile navigation game and even a Ninja Warrior facility for adults and children and also be close to all the attractions the city has to offer .

Peace Forest campsite and hospitality complex

Field accommodation in the peace forest


Vacation days full of attractions will whet your appetite, especially during Passover – when the menu may be limited. Here are some open, delicious and kosher for Passover places in Jerusalem:

  • Nocturno – a popular cafe near Mahane Yehuda Market, that offers a delicious and Kosher dairy vegetarian menu. 7 Betsalel St.
  • Lehem Basar – a kosher, high-quality meat restaurant at the First Station. 4 David Remez St.
  • 02 restaurant at the Inbal Jerusalem hotel – a luxurious chef restaurant that offers meticulously-prepared meat and fish dishes. 3 Jabotinsky St.

A night out for the whole family

Have you finished your day out and now you’re looking for something to do in the evening suitable for all ages in the family? The “Hallelujah” Night Show from the City of David is a light show that’s suitable for everyone (from the age of 5 up), and is projected onto the antiquities of the City of David, right where history took place.

The show takes place in the open air, under the stars, and also offers translation to different languages with headphones, for everyone’s enjoyment.

For more information about the Hallelujah Fire and Water Night Show

Hallelujah night show. Photo by: Koby Harati