Western Wall Cornerstone

From 42 NIS per ticket
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2 hours

family All ages

Difficulty: easy - medium

not accessible, The tour includes steps and walking in an underground tunnel

The City of David National Park invites you to travel back in time 2,000 years, to the hidden world under the giant stones of the Western Wall.

Come and step under the central street of ancient Jerusalem, to the period of the return to Zion, when Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period became the most beautiful city of the East.

In this guided tour, we will progress in the depths of an underground tunnel through the Second Temple Period, to the findings that provide a glimpse into the daily lives of Jerusalem residents, up until the tragic end of the last of the rebels who hid in this place, and left behind cooking implements, a Roman sword and other finds, moments before the city’s destruction. The route ends at an exit from the foundations of the Western Wall, next to the 2,000-year-old stones.



Essential Information

Public transportation:

Route 1 – Central Bus Station – Kotel
Route 3 – Central Bus Station – Kotel
Route 38 – Jewish Quarter (circular route the goes by the Kotel)
Route 2 – From Kikar Tzahal (IDF Square) / Yitzhak Kariv Street (circular route operated by Superbus)



Taxis are always allowed to enter through Jaffa Gate; therefore, y can get to the City of David by taxi.


Arrival by private car:
Important note: It is difficult to find parking next to the Kotel and the City of David. These are our recommended arrival directions.


Nearby parking lots:

  1.  . Karta and Mamilla parking garages. Navigation with WAZE
    Walking distance from Karta / Mamilla parking garages to the City David approximately 20 minutes. Arrival by taxi is recommended.
  2.  Mt. Zion parking lot (fee charged). Navigation with WAZE
    Zion Gate / David’s Tomb parking lot (fee charged) – Approximately 9-minute walk to the City of David. Parking based on availability.

Navigation for walking:

Coming from the Kotel, turn left at the Dung Gate and it is a 2-minute walk to the City of David. Navigation with Google Maps


There is a Snack bar on site offering food and drink options.


  • There are lockers on site (fee charged) to place personal items. There is no space to leave strollers.


  • It is recommended to arrive about fifteen minutes before the start of the tour
  • Starting point: City of David National Park Visitors Center
  • Impressive panoramic view from Beit Hatzofeh Lookout
  • Mazar Excavations – The Palace – an impressive public building from the period of the Judaean kings
  • The government area and remnants of private homes
  • The hidden Herodian tunnel
  • Endpoint: Exit from the foundations of the Western Wall at Davidson Center,


Facilities on site

Snack bar
Gift Shop


The route is not suitable for stollers

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the archeological site, it is not wheelchair accessible

Parking is very limited, we highly reccomend to use public transportation

Please enter the tunnel with a baby in a front carrier only.

The Tunnel is lighten up,no need for flashlights

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Western Wall Cornerstone

City of David National Park