“I lived in Chiang Mai in Thailand, for two or two and a half years. I learned how to speak Thai, I learned how to cook Thai food,” Gilad Levi, the City of David southern area director, recounts. Shortly after completing his military service, where he was a tank commander in the Armored Corps, Gilad flew to Thailand where he worked in sales.

Upon his return to Israel, Gilad had a yearning to learn about his identity, and so he signed up to study to become a tour guide. One of his motives was continuing the path of his grandparents, who were pioneers, fought in the Palmach and were among the founders of the country and of Jerusalem.

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When his training ended, Gilad began working for the City of David. At first he worked as a Segway tour guide at the Peace Forest, and during the Covid-19 pandemic he became an operations worker, later becoming the event manager at the City of David sites. Gilad was very successful at his job, and was quickly promoted to the role of shift manager at the City of David site, and later became the hospitality department manager. As conductor of a diligent and skilled team, Gilad and his employees have turned hundreds of events into an unforgettable symphony, and have received praise and good reviews from those celebrating the events and their guests.

Today, he’s the City of David’s southern area director – that includes responsibility for three tourist sites and dozens of employees. Gilad says that he finds great meaning and connection to his inherited values at the City of David.

A smile that makes it all worth it

One of the sites under Gilad’s direction is the hospitality and camping area at the Peace Forest. The area offers a variety of options for staying in nature – from a small two-person tent to upgraded rooms that can fit a whole family. The area is equipped with anything a family could need, and is a great option for those who want to sleep in nature with the conditions of a hosting unit – bathrooms, kitchen, showers etc.

Most of the time, you can find Gilad walking around the area and making sure that nothing is missing, and that the guests enjoy an unforgettable experience. You can contact him with any question or request and Gilad will help you, with a smile and his big heart.

If you would like to stay in nature, receive the highest quality service possible and not have to make compromises on your comfort – Gilad would be happy to host you.