Congratulations! There are many exciting moments in life, but the ones that stand out the most are of course the celebrations to mark meaningful events like: brit, simchat bat, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, milestone birthdays and more. Alongside the major excitement, there’s a lot of planning and tasks that have to be taken care of, which can easily turn into a big mess that eclipses the joy. So that you don’t forget anything, we’ve made a list for you of all the things to think about while planning your event.


Perhaps the most important part of the event for you is the high point of the brit or wedding ceremony, but to tell the truth – there’s nothing like the reception buffet, and that’s what everyone will remember. It’s worthwhile to invest in ordering a variety of dishes, and making sure the presentation is interesting and the design is excellent.

קבלת פנים בבית בגיא


It’s also worthwhile to invest in the main dishes, to give your guests an unforgettable experience – if the food is good, everything is good, and the event goes from being “okay” to being perfect. Instead of compromising, it’s worth it to invest a little more.

Table design

Even the smallest detail of your celebration can influence the atmosphere, and therefore, even before your guests sit down to eat, it’s important to take care to design your tables at a high level. A beautifully set table projects a pleasant atmosphere to those seated around it, and leaves your guests with a smile.

שולחנות אירועים מעוצבים בחצר המלך


After the food and decorations are set, there’s nothing like music to complete the atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what musical style, there are abundant options for live music that can create the perfect match between your event and your favorite kind of music.

Sound and lighting

Even the best musical group won’t be complete without sound that works properly and lighting that matches your event. Not for nothing have sound and lighting become must-haves at events. The blend of good music with excellent sound and hypnotizing lighting creates the right recipe for a successful celebration.

אירוע בבית בגיא

Mazal tov, what luck we are here

The motto of the City of David is “where it all began,” and when it comes to events, you could say the City of David is “where it all is,” making the process of organizing much simpler for you. Simple, because at our hospitality complexes, everything is already there for you: an elaborate reception, luxurious catering, high level table design with options for upgrades, sound and lighting and even a musical group.

הצעת נישואין בחווה

Our hospitality complexes are located under the stars, opposite the breathtaking view of the Old City walls, adding to your celebration a unique atmosphere unlike any other.

The House in the Valley” is a beautiful stone building, located in the quiet heart of nature, offering a perfect atmosphere for a real and special celebration. “The Farm in the Valley” offers a hospitality experience in a unique, pastoral natural atmosphere. And “The King’s Courtyard” is a hospitality and culinary complex in the flowering space of the City of David, offering an authentic Jerusalem experience. The complexes are suitable for small celebrations such as: boutique weddings, brit or simchat bat, anniversaries, small concerts, lectures, bar or bat mitzvah and more.

בית בגיא

And if all this isn’t enough, you can add attractions and services to upgrade your celebration: exciting bar mitzvah procession from the Kotel, upgraded reception, customized family tour and meal in one of our complexes, upgraded table design, and a variety of workshops of your choice (at the Farm in the Valley). We can also customize a special hospitality package for you in the evening that includes the Hallelujah Fire and Water nighttime show.

So if you want to shortcut the process, and have a special celebration that everyone will remember – you have come to the right place. Here at the City of David, we are waiting to help you create your special celebration, and invite you to join us for a meaningful and unforgettable experience that will stay with you for many years. L’Chaim!

אירוע בחצר המלך