The emotional day began with a Torah ceremony at the Western Wall. From there the celebration continued with a colorful procession accompanied by musical instruments to the City of David National Park, where a reception and refreshments awaited the celebrants. Later the family continued to a fascinating tour of the national park and an elegant lunch.

Bar Mitzvah in the city of David.

Amos Bracha writes:

“Dear beloved Moshe,

I want to thank you and the whole wonderful and professional team from the bottom of my heart, for a valuable, emotional and empowering Bar Mitzvah event!

Everything went perfectly, starting with the thorough coordination and planning with you and with the lovely Tali and Simcha, who showed patience, care and availability even at late hours and always gave recommendations from a good and fair place and not out of an interest in making money, and always with a smile on their faces!

And it ended with a perfect execution accompanied by you and the amazing and smiley Shilat who conducted the event with a firm hand and did everything in the best way and knew how to solve any problems that arose and didn’t leave until the last guest was gone.

And of course the culinary performance by the excellent chefs Gabriel and Shlomi – it was high quality, elegant, and a variety of more delicious than expected food.

We know how to compliment you, a really wonderful team of good welcoming people,

In every possible media and by word of mouth because you all deserve praise, hugs and gratitude.

G-d willing we will get to meet for more joyous occasions

May G-d bless you with all the good the world has to offer.”

Bar Mitzvah in the city of David.