5 things to know about Yad Avshalom:

  1. “The Petra of Jerusalem” is hidden a short walk from the Kotel – Hewn stone monuments that resemble the famous burial palaces in Jordan.
  2. Yad Avshalom is one of these stones, an impressive monument that towers to a height of 15 meters, hewn from the natural stone from the site 2,000 years ago. The roof is the only part that was built and not hewn from stone.
  3. Near Yad Avshalom, there are two hewn stone monuments that are just as impressive: The “Benei Hezir Tomb” – a burial ground used by a family of high priests, and “Zechariah’s Tomb” – a monument attributed by many to Zechariah the prophet who was active during the days of the Second Temple, although it is not related to him. Some think both monuments are in fact one compound.
  4. In the past, it was a custom to bring unruly children to Yad Avshalom, to give them an “education” about the commandment to honor one’s father and mother. This is because Avshalom, the son of King David, was considered a son who rebelled against his father.
  5. Even though the site is named after the biblical figure of Avshalom, it is not related to him. His name was mistakenly connected to the site that was built at the end of the Second Temple period, hundreds of years after his death.

Alongside the impressive monuments, the Kidron Hospitality tent recently opened, offering hospitality in ancient style, with a resting place and hot drinks for visitors to the area, open throughout the year.


Yad Absalom (Photo: Kobi Harathi)
Yad Absalom (Photo: Kobi Harathi)