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City of David

Kidron Valley Adventure – City of David, Ancient Jerusalem

Jerusalem is back and Passover is the perfect time to explore! Join us for a tomb raider adventure as we explore the mysterious ancient caves and magnificent stone carved monuments of the Mount of Olives - Jerusalem's oldest, active Jewish...


The Temple -Herod’s Crowning Glory

The Temple as you have never seen before!!! In this movie you can see how the great builder Herods and thousands of Jewish workers build the largest and most magnificent structure in the world!


Jay the Excavator – City of David

Meet Jay - one of the unique and fascinating excavators at the City of David!


The Day after the Destruction – Yavne and Its Sages

68 AD. The end the great rebellion against the Romans. The residents of Jerusalem are racing toward a military disaster that will bring about the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple and may wipe the Jewish people off the stage...


How Did King David Conquer Jerusalem?

The enigma of King David’s conquest of Jerusalem 3000 years ago has preoccupied Bible commentators for many years.The Bible relates that Joab son of Zeruiah helped David conquer the Jebusite stronghold and hints that the success of the operation involved...


Uncovering the Pilgrimage Road to Jerusalem – Revealing the Sacred Ancient Journey

The City of David is everyday uncovering one of the most significant finds in history, the Pilgrimage Road to the Temple Mount. This was the sacred journey Jews took to arrive at Jerusalem’s Temple. One day, this incredible archeological project...


Lost Treasures Of Jerusalem – The Story of Explorer Montagu Parker

How far would you go to find the lost treasures of the Holy Temple? Montagu Parker, a 20th-century treasure hunter, the real-life possible inspiration behind Indiana Jones, traveled far to find the holy lost treasures of the Temple.
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