Customized Tours at the City of David

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Difficulty level: medium

Please note that the tour is not accessible and involves stairs and walking through enclosed underground tunnels.

Guided tours in the City of David National Park: Explore the ancient water system of Jerusalem, the foundations of the Western Wall, and enjoy a private guide throughout the Old City and the market.


Guided Tour: City of David- Shiloah Tunnel

Come and discover the secrets of Biblical Jerusalem, walk in the footsteps of kings and prophets in the place where many stories of the Bible took place. Traverse underground passages through which the city was conquered, descend to the hidden spring where kings were anointed, and walk through the waters of Hezekiah’s Tunnel with flashlights illuminating the way. Join us on a magical and mysterious journey among ancient shafts, walls, and fortifications in the City of David, the birthplace of Jerusalem.

Point of Interest: Choose between a walk through water with flashlights or a dry route, walking through an ancient tunnel.

Notes: The water in Hezekiah’s Tunnel can reach up to 70cm high.


Guided Tour- From the City of David to the Western Wall

 When was the last time you traveled back in time, 2,000 years? The City of David National Park opens a gateway for you to experience Jerusalem during the days of Herod and the Second Temple. Beneath the main street of the Old City, a hidden underground tunnel served as a refuge for the last rebels on the eve of the destruction of the Temple. A golden bell, a Roman sword, and cooking utensils found at the site provide a rare glimpse into the daily lives of the ancient residents of Jerusalem. The tour concludes at the foundation walls of the Western Wall, below ground level, offering a unique perspective of this renowned site that you have yet to see! Join us for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience!

Point of Interest: Walk underground to the southern wall of the Temple Mount.

In the Visitors Center, there is a souvenir shop offering a wide range of items. You can find a rich selection of books and unique jewelry and souvenirs.


Essential Information

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Public transportation to the City of David

Line 1- Central Bus Station to the Western Wall

Line 3- Central Bus Station to the Western Wall

Line 38- The Jewish Quarter (takes a circular route that goes by the Western Wall)

Line 2- From Kikar Tzahal/ Yitzchak Kariv Street (Superbus company bus that takes a circular route)


Cabs are allowed entry through the Jaffa Gate at any time.

Private vehicles

Please note that it is difficult to find parking near the Western Wall and the City of David. We recommend parking in nearby parking lots and walking to the site.

  1. The Karta and Mamilla parking lots (paid parking): Navigate with Waze.  Walking distance to the City of David is approximately 20 minutes. A cab is recommended.
  2. Mount Zion/ David’s Tomb parking lot: Navigate with Waze. Walking distance to the City of David is approximately 9 minutes. Please note that parking spots are extremely limited.

On Foot

From the Western Wall, at the Dung Gate, turn left and then right. It is a 2-minute walk to the City of David. Navigate using Google Maps.




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  • The Visitors Center has a souvenir shop with an excellent selection of books, jewelry and unique souvenirs
  • There are lockers on site (free charged) to place personal items. There is no space to leave strollers.


Site Facilities

Snack Bar
Souvenir Shop


The site is not accessible. The tour includes stairs and walking in an underground tunnel. The path in the tunnel is not suitable for claustrophobia sufferers.

The City of David has security, and we work in full cooperation with security forces.

Customized Tours at the City of David

City of David National Park

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