Privacy Policy

Elad Association- El Ir David (hereinafter: Foundation) is committed to safeguard the privacy of its users. This privacy policy explains what information is gathered and how it is used. The Foundation’s website allows users to view content and order services.

1. General
The following data may be collected while browsing the website: information concerning the user, user behavior on the website, services and products the user purchased on the website, offers and services, advertisements and topics of interest to the user, products the user wished to acquire, information pages visited, registration to special services that require registration, offers and services that interested the user, offers and services that interested the user, methods of payment used directly or indirectly in connection with the website, and more. The user is not required to transmit any information and browse the website and enable the collection of data about the user. However, browsing the website indicates the user’s consent to the collection of user data, subject to its use and in accordance with the law. It is possible that certain services cannot be accessed and enjoyed without the transfer of data. The Foundation keeps some of the data on its databases and uses the data in compliance with the privacy policy and the provisions of the law for the following purposes as well as others:
• For the user to use unique services. An example would be sales and various activities that are on the website.
• To improve, operate and develop the site, including analyzing viewing habits and browsing behavior that will enable the website administrators to improve the content and structure of the site which will in turn improve the user experience as well as enable the recommendation of relevant offers, information and services, in line with the user’s personal preferences or preferences of a specific group that visits the site. The data analysis is mostly done using statistics and does not identify specify users.
• To publish information, acquire and sell services and products on the website, including ads placed in designated locations.
• To provide the user with interest-based advertisements which will be seen while browsing the website. This information can and will be collected by the site administrators or by advertisers through various means.
• To personally appeal to the user for advertising purposes, or when necessary or as required under any law or in a case where provisions of the user agreement have been violated or private policy or any other condition which is stated on the website with regard to information or services used or in the case of a disagreement with a user.
• To gather general or personal information or analyzing and sharing statistical data with third parties, including advertisers, but in a way that does not reveal the personal identity of a user.
• For other purposes that are outlined in this privacy policy or in other user agreements that will be updated on the website from time to time.
• The site is committed to treating user data that is collected in accordance with and subject to the law.

2. Cookies
The site uses or will use “cookies” as part of the administration of the website and in order to collect information about a user’s use of the website, to check the identity of a user who is making use of a service or information on the website, in order to facilitate a smoother and better user experience, in order to analyze and customize the website to the user’s needs and preferences and for data security purposes. Our system uses technology that instructs the browser to create files, or “cookies”, which can and will be saved on the user’s computer drive. These unique files are stored in different directories in accordance with the types of browsers and operating system that the user has, as is the case with temporary internet files or any other directory. These files hold information, which include various aspects of a user’s activity on the website. Should a user want to prevent the collection of cookies on the website, which may prevent the user from browsing the website, the user should change the settings on the operating system or browser that is in use. Furthermore, one can erase these files that are stored on the user’s computer at any time.

3. Changes & Updates
Users can add, remove or change their email and any other information that was previously provided to the Foundation, at any time. Users can also opt out of receiving our newsletter by contacing us.

From time to time, we may ask users to fill out an online survey in order to help us assess interest in additional services. The surveys ask visitors for contact information (ie, name and email), in order to inform interested clients about new products and services that we offer.

4. Security
The Foundation’s website includes links to other websites. The Foundation does not share information provided to us by our users to these websites. Additionally, the Foundation is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of said websites.

We employ security measures such as firewalls, and other security measures on our servers and on the computer, which are installed to protect against loss, misuse and altering user data. Users should be aware of the following:

a. The details that users choose to provide during registration or afterwards become the property of the Foundation;
b. We collect data about users’ use of our website (“usage patterns”) in order to better understand how users, as a group, make use of the website and the many options that are offered, in addition to helping the Foundation better tailor content to groups of users with specific usage graphs, and to conduct market research. Features and usage patterns in its entirety can be used for commercial purposes, including, without limitations, for marketing, registration and sharing other services, promotional activities or any other activity, including, without limitations, the protection of other propriety rights of the Foundation, all subject to the provisions below.

Questions about the privacy policy should be directed to [email protected]

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