Tu B’Av is coming up and you still haven’t decided what to do? Do you want to surprise someone and do something exciting and romantic for the day of love? You’ve come to the right place – Jerusalem. The capital of Israel is a colorful city, full of adorable corners, where you can find a wide variety of entertainment options to match the atmosphere. All you have to do is choose what suits you and your partner. We’ve collected several recommendations to help you.

An urban-culinary date

If an urban environment is more your thing as a couple, and the action, people and colors make you and your partner feel at home, you would probably enjoy visiting the First Station. With a variety of activities, stalls selling unique items, high-class restaurants and good music – there is no doubt that the evening will be filled with a lot of fun.

The first station complex. Photo: Shutterstock

The open air mall in Mamilla also offers a wide selection of shops and restaurants, in some of which you can sit outside and watch the spectacular view of the Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhoods, and enjoy the cool weather of the Jerusalem summer. Walking in the avenue, right under the Old City walls, creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Both a good meal and a good atmosphere – what more could you ask for?

If walking is less suitable for you and your partner, the Red Bus city tours might be the perfect solution. The new tourist attraction allows a choice between two travel routes in an open double-decker bus: a full end-to-end tour and a hop on/hop off route where you can get on and off at a variety of selected stations throughout the city. The red bus tour is accompanied by an explanation and guiding throughout the route. During the trip, the bus passes by the spectacular views of the Old City, allowing you to discover the mysteries of the city and the magic that Jerusalem has to offer.

Between July 30 and August 29, the bus will also be used by those coming to the Hallelujah night show, which is projected onto the City of David’s antiquities. This way you can have two experiences with one ticket, and discover Jerusalem from a different angle.

A date in nature

Along with a strong and vibrant scene of urban spaces, Jerusalem also offers quite a few natural gems for those who want to catch some peace and quiet. If you don’t feel like going far, you can go to the Gazelle Valley, the Valley of the Cross, the Rose Garden or the Farm in the Valley, and have a magical picnic with your partner in one of the nicest corners of the city. Acquiring fresh baguettes, cheeses and good wine in advance will make the outing an unforgettable event.

If your partner’s birthday is coming up, or a marriage proposal is planned soon, you can invite family and friends to celebrate at the Farm in the Valley or at the nearby House in the Valley, located in an impressive setting in the heart of nature, overlooking the mesmerizing view of the Old City.

For those who want to go farther out from the city – a trip to the paths of the Jerusalem Forest and a refreshing dip in the Ein Lavan spring can give you relaxation and a magical and romantic atmosphere. In the shade of the trees and in front of the breathtaking view, our recommendation for a picnic is a must.

A historical-nostalgic date

In the Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhoods, stone houses and ancient paths, growing plants, and an iconic building of historical value – the windmill that has become one of the symbols of Jerusalem – will await you and your partner. After wandering through the European alleyways, you can dine at a variety of restaurants within walking distance or a short drive.

Speaking of history and nostalgia, Jerusalem symbols and romance, it is impossible not to mention the Old City. A joint tour between the walls, at the variety of sites and iconic paths, will make for a particularly romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. You may also enjoy the walk and the spectacular view from the Promenade, that will uplift the experience to new heights – literally.

A small gem to remind you of the past, that remains for the time being alongside the growing urban renewal, is the old Nachlaot neighborhood. After a tour and shopping at the busy Mahane Yehuda market, you can cross the road and find a quiet corner in one of the courtyards. Within dense, low buildings that tell the story of the Aliyot and the cultural variety in Israel, you can feel the magic of Jerusalem and smell the romantic atmosphere it offers.

Whether you’d rather spend time experiencing the city, go out into nature, eat in a good restaurant or feel the nostalgia, Jerusalem has a lot to offer. Congratulations, and don’t forget that love is the whole story.