The family’s special day began with the Torah Aliyah blessing at the Western Wall. From there, the celebrants continued in a colorful procession accompanied by musical instruments to the City of David, where they were greeted with hospitality and refreshments. The family continued on a fascinating tour of the National Park with guides from the City of David and enjoyed a lavish lunch.

Bar Mitzvah in the city of David
Photo: Courtesy of the family

Racheli Feldman, the mother of the family, shares,

“With great excitement, we celebrated our Amit’s Bar Mitzvah in the City of David!

From the moment we first visited the venue, we were impressed by Tali’s professionalism as she patiently answered all our questions.

Afterward as well, during the planning and preparation stages, we felt that they were attentive and caring about all our requests and comments.

On the day of the event itself, Shilat happily and professionally accompanied us and we felt we were in good hands. The musical procession brought excellent energy, the guides who accompanied the tour did so in an interesting manner and fitting to the nature of the celebration, and the catering that awaited us at the end was excellent!

The combination of all these components together gave us and our guests a special experience and brought us pure joy!”

The Feldman family at a bar mitzvah in the city of David
Photo: Courtesy of the family