5 things to know about the secret channel in the City of David:

  1. This channel drained Jerusalem’s rainwater from north to south and from there to outside the city. It passes under the center of the ancient city, inside the Tyropean Valley.
  2. To date, more than 700 meters of the channel’s length have been exposed in archaeological excavations.
  3. In the channel, fascinating finds were discovered dating to the period of the destruction of the Second Temple, such as whole cooking vessels, coins from the revolt, and oil lamps. The findings testify to the fact that Jewish rebels used the channel to hide from the Romans, hence its name – the secret channel.
  4. Among the many fascinating finds from the channel, especially prominent is a seal impression in Aramaic on which is written, “pure for the Lord.” The seal impression was apparently used to confirm the purity of an object brought to the Temple, such as, for example, olive oil for lighting the menorah lamps.
  5. The northern section of the channel was discovered by the British researcher Charles Warren. Warren also discovered the ancient water system in the City of David, at the center of which is the famous “Warren’s shaft,” named for him.
The secret channel Photo: Kobi Harathi