What to do in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem, the capital, is known to everyone for its famous sites – the Western Wall that draws millions of believers from all over the world, the black velvet kipot alongside cardboard ones, and the bustling Mahane Yehuda Market where shouts and aromas blend into a magical Jerusalem mix, the Knesset where the legislators sit, the Chord Bridge that hovers above the city, and even the light rail…

The great and developed city we know today began as a small but powerful city, The City of David. In the City of David, the kings of Israel resided and the nobility of power during the Temple period; in the City of David, walked the prophets who cried out about the destruction.

Your journey in time starts with a stroll from the Western Wall, a journey to ancient Jerusalem, the place where it all began.

We’ve gathered the sites you must visit for anyone looking for what to do in Jerusalem! In the City of David, you can enjoy a 3D presentation that will take you on a journey through ancient Jerusalem to the liberation of Jerusalem. You can visit the royal palace attributed to King David and be amazed by its ancient remnants.

Do you Love springs?

You can explore Hezekiah’s Tunnel by wading through a wet path about 70 cm high and immersing yourself in the cool waters. You can take the dry route for those who prefer to stay dry.

Children playing in the water. Photo: Eliyahu Yanai
Children playing in the water. Photo: Eliyahu Yanai

Want to get to know the hidden Wall? The Pilgrims’ road tour, which retraces the footsteps of the pilgrims to Jerusalem during the time of the Temple, will take you through an underground tunnel from the Giv’ati parking lot to the foundations of the Wall.

These excavations revealed fascinating artifacts that shed light on life in ancient Jerusalem, including a golden bell possibly belonging to the High Priest, and a pottery shard with the inscription “Pure for God” from the time of the Temple’s purity. At the end of the path, you will find yourselves emerging from the depths of the earth directly to the base of the Wall.

Love to travel but not fond of walking?

Especially for you, they’ve come up with the Segway! On a Segway tour rolling on the innovative vehicle, you can glide along the promenade of Armon Ha Natziv, and observe ancient Jerusalem with captivating guidance from a professional guide. The tours depart from the new Visitor Center on Armon Hanatziv Promenade (Daniel Yanovsky Street, near the Olmaya function hall).

 Who among us hasn’t dreamed (at least in childhood) of finding an ancient treasure?

In Emek Tzurim National Park, you can make that dream come true! During illegal construction on the Temple Mount, where the Muslim Waqf removed tons of dirt from the Temple Mount, significant historical finds were discarded into the Kidron Stream. The area was declared a national park, and today you can bring your entire family and participate in exposing the ancient finds hidden in the dirt.


Still unsure about what to do in Jerusalem?

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