Jerusalem 3D Movie

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This riveting 3D movie about the history of Ancient Jerusalem and the City of David is screened in an impressive hall built in the style of a fancy guest house of the Israelite period of the Davidic rule. The 3D movie is 16 minutes long and explains the ancient topography of Jerusalem during the Jebusite-Canaanite period, before David conquered it in approximately1004 BCE. The viewer will be mesmerized by the story of David and his people conquering Jerusalem, the complex water system, and other fascinating Biblical events from the latter part of Davidic rule, the Unified Kingdom and Judah’s rule, up until Israel was captured by the Babylonians. 

So put on your 3D glasses, take a seat in the air-conditioned hall (49 seats available) and enjoy. Registration for viewing the 3D movie is required at the ticket booth at the time of your visit.
Viewing Times: Screened twice an hour, during site opening hours. The 3D movie is available to those who purchase an entrance ticket to the City of David and is not sold separately.  


מיצג תלת מימד

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