Segway Tour in Jerusalem

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The City of David invites you to experience the hidden treasure of the lesser known yet magnificently beautiful paths opposite the Armon Hanatziv Promenade under the canopy of trees in the Peace Forest. Our Segway tour offers guests a nature experience in the heart of a sprawling city. Enjoy the breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere of Armon Hanatziv's landscape with Ancient Jerusalem unfolding to the north and the City of David standing at its center.

The tour is available in Hebrew.  An English tour is available in advance

Credit: Daniel Ziv

For additional information call the Reservation Center.
Tour Track 
Start Point:
The Segway Tour begins in the Peace Forest
  • Exit from the Peace Forest, one of Jerusalem’s hidden natural treasures
  • Travel along the picturesque Haas Promenade surrounded by Jerusalem's majestic landscapes
  • Enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the Judean Desert from the Goldman Promenade
  • Journey along the Sherover Promenade, which offers amazing views of the city

End Point:
The Segway tour ends in the Peace Forest
Essential Information 
  • Our guests are invited to enjoy sitting in a quaint and shady area before they set out on their journey. Restrooms are located nearby.
  • Ample parking available on site.
  • The tour is 2 hours long and includes a 30 minute "driving" lesson.
  • The tour is open to adults ages 16 and older. 
  • Riding the Segway is prohibited for pregnant women or for individuals whose weight exceeds 115 kilograms (approximately 250 pounds). One may join the tour by riding a golf cart
  • Advanced registration is required and can be done online. 
  • For information and reservations for groups Call or Email Maayan
  • 054-353-2323

     Email Maayan


A Golf cart. Photograhpy: Max Richardson

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Opening Hours 

For additional information call the Reservation Center: 077-9966726



How to get to the Peace Forest – Secure and easy directions

Arrival by private car:


At the site entrance there is abundant free parking.

Search in WAZE for ‘City of David Segway / Peace Forest Camping’

Navigation with WAZE


Public transportation:

Bus routes to Derech Hevron: 8, 71, 72, 74, 75

Bus stop: Hamaabada / Derech Hevron Hanoch Albeck

Enter Naomi Street and you will immediately come to a fork in the road where there are clear signs for “Peace Forest” and “Segway tours”

At the fork, turn right on a descent next to the Yes Planet building to “Derech Gedud 68” and travel about 200 meters.

After about 200 meters there will be a sign on the left for Segway tours. Turn left there on the descending parking lot access path.

At the end of the parking lot there is a green gate with a sign “Welcome to the Peace Forest” – this is the entrance gate to the site.




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