The days of destruction

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Tisha B’Av – A variety of fascinating lectures for you to host in your community

In preparation for Tisha B’Av and the “Three weeks”, The Megalim Institute, a City of David organization, offers enriching lectures based on captivating archaeological discoveries made in Jerusalem in recent years. Come and experience the events of the destruction from a perspective you have not yet encountered.

  • You can book a lecture given on Zoom or host an in-person lecture, in your community.
  • The lectures include diverse visual aids: presentations, pictures, videos, and renderings.
  • One may also set up a guided tour on the topic of the lecture.

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Chronicles of Destruction - Discoveries from the Destruction of the First Temple

The destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians left its mark in the annals of our history for generations. The physical layer of destruction by the Babylonians is still present and preserved. Recent excavations from the past years reveal a detailed, rich, and vivid picture that was once concealed from us.

You are invited on a unique and eye-opening journey, following the story and discoveries of the destruction of the First Temple.

'From Glory to Destruction' - Jerusalem during the Second Temple Era

In this lecture, we embark on a journey to Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, from the days of glory in the Hasmonean and Herodian periods, through the civil war and the city’s destruction, to the final battle in the hidden tunnels, which was recently uncovered in the City of David.

The Megalim Institute, the leading institute for Jerusalem studies, offers captivating lectures that bridge the past and present, allowing you to explore the history of the Jewish people in ancient Jerusalem through the lens of the archaeological discoveries which are constantly unfolding.

Our finest lecturers from the Institute will come to you with a fascinating lecture of your choosing.


'The Pilgrims Road' - The main thoroughfare of ancient Jerusalem revealed!

In preparation for Tisha B’Av, we invite you to learn about the Pilgrims Road in Jerusalem, which connected the Pool of Siloam to the Temple Mount. Beneath the street, a hidden tunnel was uncovered, where the last rebels sought refuge during the destruction of the Second Temple.

The excavation of the road is still closed to the general public, but you are invited to see the exciting discoveries made there, which shed light on the historical events that unfolded in Jerusalem’s past.


On the Pilgrims' Path – A Glimpse from the Field

In this captivating lecture, we will journey back to the days of the Second Temple and accompany the pilgrims on their pilgrimage from a small village in the Galilee to the gates of Jerusalem. The reception of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims required a complex logistical system. We will explore how they ensured there was enough water, mikvehs (ritual baths), roads, and accommodations for the pilgrims. We will visit the markets of the ancient city and ascend towards the Temple Mount following in the footsteps of the pilgrims. All through historical sources and archaeological findings.

בר כוכבא- השפעת המרד על הסנהדרין

דרך הכתבים ההיסטוריים והממצאים החדשים שנתגלו באתרים הארכיאולוגים בגליל, נקבל הבנה מחודשת על מרד בר כוכבא ביהודה ובגליל ומה הייתה חשיבותו עבור התקומה המחודשת של היהודים בגליל ככלל והנהגת הסנהדרין בפרט.

ההרצאה מלווה במצגת וסיור וירטואלי בגליל.

Is this the City of Perfection and Beauty?! - Treasures in Jerusalem

Some people seek archaeology and find treasures, while others seek treasures and find archaeology.

In the Bible and Rabbinic writings, there were diverging descriptions of the beauty and wealth of Jerusalem. What has survived from all of this? The search for treasures in Jerusalem that survived destruction, ruin, desecration, and exile has never ceased. Over the past 150 years, numerous expeditions have excavated in Jerusalem.

These searches have yielded fascinating discoveries that continue to help us interpret the captivating history of the royal city, temples, and destructions. In this intriguing lecture, we will share stories of found treasures and those yet undiscovered, of excavations and surprising findings, of Temple artifacts and personal hidden caches, of royal palaces and affluent homes, of genuine researchers and charlatans in disguise.

The days of destruction

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